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I don’t know what to charge. I never know what to charge. My friends and some of my clients say I undervalue myself and so undercharge. In one form or another, that fits with my basic personality, and so I’m not surprised that I do it in this area too. The benefit to you is that I’m very easy to negotiate with.

But I’m good, and I know I’m good. I can look at a piece of writing and see almost immediately what it needs. I can proofread or not proofread – it usually doesn’t matter to me – but I can’t not edit. I even look at magazine articles that have been approved by who knows how many editors and see ways in which they could be rearranged and reworded (and corrected!) to shine just a little more.

I learned fairly early that being a writer was not the fulfilling goal I thought it would be. Creativity can be so distracting, so annoying. But I do like helping an author find the words for what he wants to say and deliver them in a way that others will understand. To communicate effectively with each other takes rules, and I know the rules. But just like my approach to the rest of my life, I’ll follow those rules or not, depending on whether they serve the purpose of true communication. That’s creativity too.