img10 v1I think I’m supposed to put something here that will grab your attention and entice you to look at the rest of my site. I’m not very good at enticing people, and my experience at grabbing attention is not one I’d want to post here.

But if you’re interested in finding someone to help you write, to help you put your thoughts on paper, I’m the person for that. If you need something edited, grammar corrected, and content reordered if necessary, try me. My references on Elance ( one of the freelance sites from which I work) demonstrate my ability to please people (if only in this area). Connected to that skill is my ability to format documents to make them look more professional. I can even do light graphics. I won’t brag about my computer skills, but they’re a little better than average.

Contact me. I’ll make you a good deal. If you don’t need anything in the area of editing, stay and look anyway. You may have your own thoughts and opinions, and I’d like to read them.

Below is what I had on this page before I added the above. Maybe one or other will grab and entice you.


Overwhelmed by what to say and how to say it?
Want a document with a more professional look?
Let me help.

I have been employed as an editor and proofreader in the legal and medical fields and for a philosophy journal.

I have a great deal of knowledge and an excellent vocabulary in law, medicine, psychology, philosophy, history, the major religions, and other academic fields. College courses included many hours in philosophy, psychology, history, grammar and composition, and English literature.

I have good insight into character, personality, and behavior and a wide range of knowledge and experience that enables me to view and understand documents in context. I also have a considerable amount of creative writing and editing experience along with a love of research.

I am very experienced in word processing and own the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro, Word, and WordPerfect as well as the latest editions of The Chicago Manual of Style and the AP Stylebook.